Server arhitecture: scalability & reliability

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The server technology has been constantly improved over the last 5 years since we first started working in this industry. The following is a short list of technologies we use to make sure everything is as stable as possible and all orders are processed with maximum speed.

Our web servers and databases process over 100.000 orders every day and, with 99.99% uptime and daily backups you can rely on our systems to meet all your requirements.

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Web engine:

  1. PHP Version 5.4.38
  2. Apache 2.4.12
  3. Node.JS v0.10.24
    • Modules
      • nodetime-A�a�?v0.8.15
      • sockjs-A�a�?v0.3.8
      • moment-A�a�?v2.5.1
      • kaiseki-A�a�?v0.5.4
      • mysql-A�a�?2.0.1
      • mongojs-A�a�?v0.10.0
      • express-A�a�?v3.4.8


  1. MySQL
    • MySQL 5.6.21
      • Instance type: db.m3.large
      • Storage 20GB
      • Multi AZ: no
      • Read replica -A�a�? MySQL 5.6.21
      • Instance type: db.t2.medium
      • Storage 20GB
      • Multi AZ: no
  2. MongoDB
    • Version 2.6.7
    • Instance type: m3.medium
    • Storage 38GiB


  1. Instance type: m1.medium
  2. Storage 420GB
  3. RAM: 3.66GB
  4. OS: Amazon Linux 2013 -A�a�? Linux 3.14.35-A�a�? 28.38.amzn1.x86_64 on x86_64 (CentOS) or Digital Ocean Droplet