Driver Mobile App – Android & iOS

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Our NextCar driver app is the most advanced mobile app that helps your professional taxi drivers get more orders directly from your customers, through their smartphone.

There are two ways in which you can offer your drivers the perfect platform to receive orders right here:

  1. Using your own branded Driver mobile apps, available for free to download from Android & iOS app stores.
    You will have your own branded Client app which your customers will use to place orders.
    You promote your own brand but it takes about a week to customize.
    Costs: Setup fee for both driver and client apps: $999.
    Monthly cost / driver: $25. Minimum 100 drivers. See prices for more details.
  2. Using our NextCar app that is already available on the app stores for free.
    Your clients and drivers can already download it and use them today.
    Costs: No setup fee. Monthly cost / driver: $30. Minimum 10 drivers.

Driver app features:

  • Orders: provide more orders for your drivers simply because your customers have more ways to order now. It is a huge difference to order through a mobile app in two taps compared to calling a traditional dispatch company and waiting on the phone for minutes on end, never knowing when your taxi will arrive.
  • Automatic: Drivers get orders automatically through the system, based on how close they are to the customer.
  • Availability: Your drivers can choose whether they are available to take orders or not.
  • Amazing clients: customers who own a smartphone, are mostly middle class young professionals who give very good tips and appreciate your service more than others do. Wea��ve got almost 1.000.000 clients in our taxi ordering system, so we know their profile very well.
  • Ratings: Clients rate the driver’s service at the end of the ride. Good drivers can get more orders by having 5 star ratings for every ride.
  • Communication: Drivers can chat to the customer inside the app as they are on their way to them. They can easily send them a a�?buzza�? to let them know they have arrived.
  • Complementary technology: No need to change anything regarding the way you get and process orders at the moment for your drivers.
  • Save costs: our technology will reduce your costs of monitoring and dispatching drivers; some of our operations use as little as one person per shift to manage 12.000 orders / shift; traditional dispatching would require 20-30 people for this. This is because the operator only has to intervene when there are problems. With such powerful communication tools built into the app, the client and driver locate each other very easily all the time so your operating costs can go down significantly.

With over 1.000.000 client downloads in multiple different countries and over 100.000 orders fulfilled every day, our technology the easiest way to lower your costs, increase revenues and customers and provide cutting edge solutions to your drivers.

Contact us today for more details and to find out more about how our technology can help your business and customers.

Driver app screenshots:

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