Client Mobile App – iOS & Android

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Our state of the art software has been built from scratch and has been improved over the last five years by us, through our own experience and problems we encountered. We have launched and deployed taxi apps for our company and we also did it for several customers. We know the ins and outs of running a mobile apps dispatch euro cialis. system.note edge valentime datingcasino stars free slots reduslim

There are two ways in which you can offer your customers the perfect platform to order your taxis, limos or any other fleet vehicles (couriers, mopeds, etc):

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  1. Using your own branded Client mobile apps, available for free to download from Android & iOS app stores.
    You will have your own branded A�Driver app which your drivers will use to take orders.
    You promote your own brand but it takes about a week to customize.note edge valentime dating
    Costs: Setup fee for both client and driver apps: $999.
    Monthly cost / driver: $25. Minimum 100 drivers. See prices for more details.
  2. Using our NextCar app that is already available on the app stores for free.
    Your clients and drivers can already download them and use them today.
    Costs: No setup fee. Monthly cost / driver: $30. Minimum 10 drivers.


Client app features:

  • Adaptive: app available in any local language and currency.
  • Accurate GPS location: we use three different providers of reverse geocodding for the most accurate client location on the map.
  • Choose car type: budget cars, luxury, premium, whatever car types you have at your business.
  • Instant ordering: clients can order in two taps, no unnecessary fields to fill in.
  • Order estimates: clients place the order, the drivers bid with a time offer. Our algorithms sort the drivers based on their distance from the client, the time they bid with, their ratings.
  • Choose drivers: once the client places the order, he can choose between multiple drivers based on reviews and time offers.
  • Multiple orders: the client can place orders for up to 3 cars at the same address.
  • Follow the taxi on the map: clients sees exactly how far the driver is from his location. No more waiting outside in the rain for your driver.
  • Favorite drivers: they are the first to see a client’s order. Block drivers: they will never see an order from you again.
  • Order history: including driver details, call driver function (in case the client forgot something), date & time, address => safety advantages.
  • Favorite Addresses: with tags like a�?homea�?, a�?worka�? (available soon).
  • Driver reviews: clients can rate the driver at the end of the ride. This improves your drivers’ behavior and builds trust for the clients.
  • Tips for drivers: announce a bonus for drivers if they come and pick the client up a�� useful for remote locations or high demand hours.
  • Messaging: direct chat functionality between client and driver via in-app chat messaging system.
  • Call driver: a�?Call drivera�? button built-in inside the app.
  • Buzz: driver sends you a a�?buzza�? when he is outside the client’s address.
  • Pre-booking: the clients can order a taxi in advance up to 48 hours.
  • Card payments: clients can pay for the trip with a debit or credit card, fast and simple (available soon).
  • Courier functionality: Send, receive & track packages through taxi drivers safely and securely.
  • Call dispatch: clients can easily call your dispatch center directly from the menu.
  • Client safety: knowing that all drivers are monitored in real time and that each order is recorded in your system, the clients feel more comfortable ordering from your company.

Contact us today for more details and to find out more about how our technology can help your business and customers.

Client app screenshots:


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